meaning of perfume


It’s better to be a pirate … than to join the navy.”

— Steve Jobs

we live perfumery

we live perfumery

Perfumers’ philosophy

The real rock stars in our operation are, of course, our perfumers. Everything we do is based around perfumery: it is the heart of our company. As a fragrance house, we can’t imagine it being any other way.

It is because we are driven by creativity, and not figures or pencil pushers, that our perfumers feel free to express themselves through their fragrance creations.

We have an ‘Open-Source’ philosophy, which means that our perfumers, dispersed between six creative centers (Munich, Paris, New York, São Paulo, Guangzhou and Jakarta), have access to each other’s recipes. This system is fairly unique to drom. It inspires our perfumers, helping them to collaborate on a global scale, as well as work on international, cross-category briefings.

It means that we can have creativity without limits.

We live flexibility

We live flexibility

Tailor-made solutions

Here at drom, we are redefining the way our customers interact with the creative process. Using our international creative network, we keep our customers involved throughout the entire fragrance creation process. We inspire our clients with creative ‘smelling sessions’, which help them get out of the box and become more daring in their desires.

We pride ourselves on our ability to make bespoke presentations that offer a 360° view based on in-depth market and brand research. We have experts in each segment and constantly observe trends, giving us insights that mean we can produce outstanding concepts and fragrance proposals.