Storp collection

Message in a Bottle.”

— The Police

We live passion

We live passion

Personally, we think there is something particularly wonderful about perfume bottles. This is a passion we inherited from our founder back when drom was first born over a century ago.

It’s not a passion that many people share, but we think this simply makes the Storp Collection even more impressive. Dr. Bruno Storp and his wife Dora, our presidents’ grandparents, both loved perfume bottles. It was their passion that helped them establish one of the most beautiful and significant collections ever seen.

Our collection now has over 3,000 rare pieces, some of which are nearly 6,000 years old. It is truly an exceptional testament to the fine art of perfumery throughout the millennia.

In 2010, we opened the museum to the general public for the first time, giving them the chance to see these exquisite and historic perfume bottles.

There have already been several exhibitions to showcase selections from the Storp Collection across the world, and there are many more to come!

We have permanent exhibitions in Paris at the Le Grand Musée du Parfum and in Venice at the Palazzo Mocenigo.