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drom DNA

“With over 100 years of history, we are among the top ten in the global fragrance industry today. But we are as fast and flexible as a start-up company.”

We live fragrance

We live fragrance

Ever since we came into existence, drom fragrances has strived to be revolutionary. We are not afraid to experiment and change. We are constantly thinking outside the box for ways to improve.

We live legacy

We live heritage

We are radically different from other major fragrance houses. When we create new fragrances, we become part of a legacy that started over 100 years ago in 1911. We have joined the pioneering spirit of three generations. It is the Storp family’s sense of adventure, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and great sense of humor that makes us who we are today.

We perfume life

It’s just what we do. And this is what we eat, live, and breathe by.

What We Want: To constantly improve and thoroughly perfect the way we create fragrances.

How We’ll Do It: With passion, dedication, and the best raw materials available.

What We’re Best At: Creating exclusive, striking fragrance compositions that connect international influences for a unique product. We’re fast, flexible, and, above else, dedicated.

We believe that it is our spirit, unquenchable desire, creative thinking, and fun that make drom’s core DNA unique.


We live support

Service has many faces at drom. Our aim is to support our customers in every possible way.

Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology

There’s a secret to how we provide our customers with such great service. It’s all about balance. Our team is intimate enough to be flexible and respond quickly to requests but also big enough to service multinational companies. You may think we sound crazy but get to know us and you’ll see what we mean.

As part of our service, we offer global market expertise, trendsetting marketing concepts, technical support from our analysts, stability tests, complete documentation, and the highest level of safety.

We are always here for our clients. You call and we’ll be there. That’s what makes us brilliant partners, and it’s because of this support that our clients choose us.



A harmonized global production network with facilities in four countries: Germany, USA, China and Brazil, grants the same quality worldwide. By drawing from such a broad range of international influences, our products have an essence that is unique to drom.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Centralized purchasing and having our own production sites on all the major continents means that we can guarantee the same excellent quality and product safety all over the world.

We treat every project with the same care and consideration, big or small. We are the kind of people that plan everything meticulously, leaving no room for error. That’s just how we work.

We balance technology with a hands-on approach that makes every product special. We don’t just follow the legal requirements; we exceed them. Our quality control is centrally managed, documented, and made transparent via a wireless system. After all, our zero-defect standard allows no room for errors.



We are strongly committed to creating a more sustainable society here at drom. We truly believe that business success is directly related to good environmental and social practices. Our sustainability strategy not only shapes our business, it also increases the collaboration along our supply chain.

We are becoming more sustainable by working closely with suppliers, customers, and external partners to increase our knowledge of each step in the supply chain and therefore implement best practices.

VISION: To continue our economic success whilst shaping our corporate social responsibility and ensuring sustainable development.

CARBON FOOTPRINT: To decrease our carbon footprint by finding opportunities that reduce our climate impact.

INNOVATION: To invest in new technology that allows us to have more efficient processes whilst producing a lower environmental impact.

SOURCING: To meet the needs of our stakeholders whilst developing a global knowledge about the origin of our raw materials, the impact of their production on the environment as well as their communities, and an analysis of every aspect/risk related to the supply chain.

STANDARDS & AUDITS: Through exceeding international standards, we ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers by offering the highest quality whilst improving our environmental performance. We also reduce workplace risks and operate in a socially responsible way. Our performance is frequently evaluated by accredited certification bodies, and audits by our clients can be performed at any time.

COMPLIANCE: Our safety and regulatory team ensures that our products comply with all national and international regulations.

Product Development

Product Development

This is where magic happens. Our development team are constantly inventing new ways to create or improve our products. Aided by the latest technologies, our tech wizards examine complex formulas, source innovative ingredients, and tweak every last molecule to reach the levels of perfection that our ranges demand.

They don’t stop there, though. Our tech guys are also vital to our creative teams, supplying them with knowledge on new technologies that help to advance our fragrances.