The world of drom.

“The biggest thing is the joy you find when you create an outstanding fragrance — sounds obvious, but it’s as simple as that. The creation of something extraordinary — something special — has been the driving force in our company for over 100 years. This philosophy also serves as the foundation of drom’s core beliefs: freedom, independence, curiosity, passion, love, and fun. Quite a unique mixture that keeps that extraordinary spirit alive.”

desert road

"It’s 30 minutes away,
I’ll be there in 10."

— The Wolf – Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino


We turn emotions into fragrances, creating extraordinary, tailor-made perfumes. Here at drom, we are not only creative; we also have unadulterated freedom. This means that drom is the only truly perfumery-driven fragrance house.




Spotting the latest fragrance trends requires, above all else, two qualities: curiosity and an open mind. 

We encourage teamwork and see it as one of the main reasons behind our success. With almost 500 employees representing over 40 nationalities, drom is fueled by diversity.

This approach to fragrance creation is global, and the close communication between our six creative centers ensures that. We also have four manufacturing facilities that give us quick production cycles and full flexibility – worldwide!